27 Nov

In the two plus years since the writing of the book, Stop the Rain Dance, I have notice something “different” than expected about folks in general. You see, I assumed that people reading a book like this, did so because they are looking for solutions to chronic problems or maybe just want a clean new perspective to view the world and their particular challenges.
What I found was that as simple as the concepts are in the book, people seem to want to continue doing the same old things, over and over again, and wonder why life sucks for them.

If you want better health or want to have a better body, you can do it. If you are tired of living from payday to payday, you can change that too. And if you are stuck in a relationship that is not fulfilling to you, know that you have only three viable choices and choose one for cripes sake.

Understand this please; you can’t get something for nothing. Any change you want for yourself comes with a price. Unfortunately, few people are willing to pay that price. Therefore, all of the self-help books and motivational seminars and lectures would not do you any good unless you decide for yourself that it’s time to do something different NOW. Not tomorrow; right now. Change the way you think and walk a different path to free yourself FROM yourself. Create a new YOU. You need to take responsibility for the life you have created and remember this simple mantra; “If it is to be, it’s up to me”.

Writer, physician, inventor, talk show host and entrepreneur, Dr. Stagl empowers others through his book Stop the Rain Dance by offering practical tools to achieve a balanced and rewarding life. With his diverse background and never-ending search of life’s universal principles, he will share with you how to create a better life for yourself and the world around you. www.StoptheRainDance.com

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