03 Dec

Everyone knows you can’t get something for nothing. There is a basic universal law about the movement of matter that requires energy or some form of expenditure. Simply stated, you have to give to get. Only a fool would sit in front of a fireplace and say, “Give me some heat, and then I’ll give you some wood.” This principle is true for all aspects of life, including everything related to money, relationships, and health. Perhaps I am not telling you anything you don’t already know. I can only imagine all the effort you have expended to improve your life but ended up hitting the proverbial brick wall. It is truly frustrating to work so hard only to realize that you are essentially no better off. The key to success is to stop doing the rain dance. You already know what doesn’t work, so now it’s time to take a new approach. Problem solving requires adapting to a totally new perspective—a look from the outside in, so to speak.

You may be married, happy or not, or perhaps you’re single in search of a mate. Everyone wants that perfect mate. However, rather than looking for the right person, I suggest try being the right person. In other words, ask yourself, “What can I offer, what value can I bring to the table, or what are my greatest attributes, and how can those benefit someone else?” Remember, we need to give to get. You build trust in a relationship by being trustworthy. Create a high standard for yourself with integrity, honesty, reliability, and compassion, and work on being a pleasure to share time with, and see what you attract. Some say opposites attract, but I think people are happiest when they spend time with those of similar values and lifestyles. When it comes to any relationship, you will find that stronger bonds are formed when you focus on what you can give rather than take away. I am talking about how we relate to our coworkers or employer or our children as well as our significant other. Can you do that? Give first, and doors will open for you.

Writer, physician, inventor, talk show host and entrepreneur, Dr. Stagl empowers others through his book Stop the Rain Dance by offering practical tools to achieve a balanced and rewarding life. With his diverse background and never-ending search of life’s universal principles, he will share with you how to create a better life for yourself and the world around you. www.StoptheRainDance.com

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