27 Nov

In the two plus years since the writing of the book, Stop the Rain Dance, I have notice something “different” than expected about folks in general. You see, I assumed that people reading a book like this, did so because they are looking for solutions to chronic problems or maybe just want a clean new […]

03 Dec

Everyone knows you can’t get something for nothing. There is a basic universal law about the movement of matter that requires energy or some form of expenditure. Simply stated, you have to give to get. Only a fool would sit in front of a fireplace and say, “Give me some heat, and then I’ll give […]

12 May

Driven to improve my life situation every year, I would sit down and write all my goals. I learned to write them in detail and review then regularly. Over time, I got pretty good at achieving almost everything I ever wanted. But then one year, my list was different. I was nearly fifty and started […]

22 Apr

Have you even heard the saying, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person to do”? This is because, as we become busier, we get better at getting things done. There is only so much time. We have all been given the same amount. What was it, eighty-six thousand four […]

10 Apr

Regardless of your age, you might wonder how you got where you are today. Good or bad, we all have to deal with our life situation. Maybe you didn’t get to go to college, were not chosen for that promotion, or had an unexpected pregnancy, an abusive parent, or a number of other things resulting […]