John Frank Stagl, born in Gary, Indiana, was raised with his two older brothers, Frank and Eric, by his mother, Alice Wendler. He recalls a wonderful childhood filled with opportunity and diversity without the support or guidance of a father figure. Having learned to play the drums at an early age, Stagl began playing professionally at the age of twelve. As a child, his artistic skills were further developed in oil painting and charcoal drawing. While in pre-med, he became a professional ballroom dance instructor at Fred Astaire dance studios.

Coming from a family of modest means, his talents served him well and ultimately allowed him to pay his way to a doctorate degree by the age of twenty-four. Around that time, he recalls one of only a few memories of his father where he went to visit him in a hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania. While attending him at his bedside, Stagl simply wanted to thank him for his intelligence and healthy genetics, which he saw as the greatest gifts he received from his estranged father.

Since then, Dr. Stagl owned and operated the Clinic for Pain and Stress Relief in Merrillville, Indiana, from 1977 to 1994 and designed one of the first electronic medical-record systems in 1989. Subsequent to an unfortunate injury to his cervical spine, he was forced to sell his practice in 1994 and moved to Florida to seek an alternate profession.

After several years in the medical-video-production business, Dr. Stagl decided to reenter the medical field and became a registered vascular technologist in 1997. Later he developed the SonoSoft Electronic Medical Record system in 2002, which has grown since to international distribution. During this time, he served as president of Empower Technologies Inc., the distributor of SonoSoft electronic medical-record systems. As a gifted inventor, today Dr. Stagl continues his contribution to medicine with several patented medical applications to his credit.

While in practice in Indiana, he designed and built two large, beautifully unique homes and two medical offices. With a passion for cooking, Dr. Stagl later designed and built four stunning gourmet kitchens for himself and his close friends.

In the entertainment world, Stagl hosted the weekly one-hour radio show It’s Your Choice in the 1980s and the cable TV talk show Lighten-up, Chicago until 1990 where he shared his secrets on how to reduce stress and live an abundant life. He directed and produced the inspiring 1997 video Treat Yourself to a Headache-Free Life, detailing his unique self-treatment technique for chronic headaches.

With a lifetime filled with such diverse accomplishments and interests, it is no wonder Dr. John Stagl is often referred to as a renaissance man of the highest order!

As a child, Stagl was visiting his cousins in Pennsylvania. They were farmers and had milking cows. They would get up early to milk the cows and then bale hay and harvest oats and corn in the afternoon. He recalls walking out in the pasture one day and stumbling upon a huge anthill swarming with ants. He stood there in amazement as to how the ants just crawled all over each other. Then he saw a striking parallel with all the people in the world.

Then and there, Stagl declared that he was not going to be like another ant on the planet, proclaiming, “Before I die, I want to make a difference.” He asked himself, “How could I contribute to mankind such that it would be the better simply because I was here?” This driving idea has remained with him all his life and has ultimately led to his latest book, Stop the Rain Dance.

In short, this book is devoted to assuring that you take charge of your life and enjoy all the beneficial things life can offer. It is easy to become so involved in life’s drama and to lose sight of what’s really important to us. This is your chance to take a step back and renegotiate your position. It’s like a vacation in a book. Hopefully, by taking a fresh look at life, you may realign your thinking to achieve more rewarding experiences.

When it comes to finances, Dr. Stagl emphasizes that over 90 percent of the population see money as a means to buy goods and services, yet the remaining few percent control the majority of the money in the world. He has struggled with money most of his life and shares with you what he discovered as a huge paradigm shift in how the rich perceive money compared to the rest of us. With Stop the Rain Dance, Dr. Stagl unveils the answer to this age-old riddle so that you can see for yourself what you may need to do differently to achieve total prosperity.

Having been in the health care sector all his adult life, Dr. Stagl shares some fundamental secrets in achieving and maintaining vibrant health from the inside out. His book opens new doors to understanding stress and shares effective methods to keep it under control. You may reduce your dependency on drugs by following his basic principles for a healthy mind and body, and get back in control of your health.

Relationships can be one of our most challenging areas in life. Understanding one simple rule can change how people perceive you. Dr. Stagl explains how you choose to be a passenger or the captain in any relationship, which ultimately determines its direction. Learn how to be in control of your relationships without being controlling. Learn how to experience bliss with your partner when and where you choose without compromising your values.

When faced with any seemingly intolerable situation, Dr. Stagl explains a simple three-step process that will free you from the stress of indecision. This method is so liberating that you will know immediately the right thing to do in every challenging situation.

Stop the Rain Dance offers practical, proven methods to assist people in three major areas of life—health, relationships, and finances. His book will transform minds and change lives.